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Kuk Sool Won

Kuk Sool Won in a comprehensive traditional Korean martial art. It is the study of various martial schools throughout the 2000 yr history of Korea (then known as Koreo) through to modern times. The art includes study in striking, throwing, joint locks and “ki” breathing. It also includes a variety of traditional weapons such as the sword, staff, fan, cane and rope. KSW is a world organization with hundreds of schools in many countries including the US and most countries of Europe and other parts of the world (www.kuksoolwon.com). It is guided under a single grandmaster which gives it true consistency throughout the globe.

Our Mission

To guide as many children, kids and adults as possible to become better individuals through the instruction of martial arts so they may build strong bodies, smart minds, and peaceful hearts.

About the Instructor: Michael S Grimes

Mr. Grimes is a 4th Dan blackbelt in Kuk Sool Won and is currently in preparation for earning his 5th dan. He is a retired Air Force air combat veteran, and now government civilian (GS) on the Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. He has studied martial arts for over 25 years and KukSoolWon specifically for 22 years. He has owned and operated Kuk Sool Won schools in the countries of Turkey and Germany, and now Oklahoma since 2004 including numerous specialized programs for law enforcement, women, teens and kids. The school participates in numerous tournaments throughout the US including the annual World Championship tournament in Galveston, Tx. He has won senior grand champion on five occasions.

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